How To Integrate Compose with PagerDuty

Compose is a database service providing production-ready, auto-scaling MongoDB and Elasticsearch databases.  A component of Compose is providing alerts for MongoDB events, which in turn notifies customers of database state changes or performance issues.  Compose will deliver all alerts to PagerDuty, and customers will be notified as per their escalation policies and contact methods. Want to try PagerDuty? Sign up for a free account that’s fully functional for 14 days.

If you are having trouble completing the integration please contact us.

In PagerDuty:

  1. Click the Services Tab.

  2. On the right sidebar, click Add New Service tab.

  3. Enter the name for this service (e.g. “Compose Alerts”), select an escalation policy.

  4. Compose_add_service

  5. Start typing “Compose” under “Integration Type” to filter your choices.

  6. Click the Add Service button.

  7. You’ll be taken to the service page.  Copy the Service API key to the clipboard; you’ll need it to set up the integration in Compose.

In Compose:

  1. Click on Accounts on the left menu bar.

  2. Select Notifications from the submenu


3. Toggle the “PagerDuty alerts” swith to On. It will open up to display a field for the API key. Enter the “PagerDuty API” previously copied to the clipboard.

4. Click “Save alert settings”.

Now when there is an alarm within Compose, a corresponding incident will be triggered within PagerDuty.