How to Integrate Datadog with PagerDuty


Datadog is a hosted monitoring service that brings all your metrics and events in one place, so that they can be seen, shared and discussed by your development and operations teams.

Once you integrate your Datadog and PagerDuty accounts you can send Datadog alerts to PagerDuty via a simple @pagerduty mention in Datadog’s newsfeed. You can also follow incidents and escalations in real-time in Datadog’s newsfeed.

By sending Datadog alerts to PagerDuty, you take full advantage of PagerDuty’s alerting functionality. With PagerDuty, you can receive alerts via phone call, SMS and email, set up automatic escalation of alerts and set up on-call duty scheduling for your ops teams.


  1. In Datadog, go to your account profile to create a new contact group. Find the PagerDuty integration and click the PagerDuty Install button to add a new PagerDuty group.
  2. The integration details will appear. Click on the Alert with PagerDuty button on the Configuration tab.
  3. You will be redirected to PagerDuty. Enter your PagerDuty login information and click Authorize Integration.
  4. The next step will ask you to create a new service in PagerDuty for the integration. The default name of the service will be Datadog; change it if you’d like. Then, select an escalation policy for the service.
  5. You will then be redirected back to Datadog and your new PagerDuty integration will be authorized.
  6. If you want to follow incidents, escalations and resolutions in Datadog, or correlate PagerDuty incidents with your metrics, enter your PagerDuty credentials and the schedules you are interested in.
  7. To test the integration, simply post “@pagerduty Yay, this is my first Datadog alert.” in your newsfeed. This will create an incident in PagerDuty and will show up in your Datadog newsfeed.