Operations Command Console

Full-stack visibility and actionable insights for better software and customer experience

Visualize the health of modules, services, and infrastructure while managing incident response workflows all in one place. Interactive modules provide the actionable full-stack visibility required to mobilize, coordinate and orchestrate both technical and business response to incidents.

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Infrastructure Health Module

Understand the health of your entire infrastructure with actionable, time-series visualizations of correlated events. With common context of service disruptions, you can reduce mean time to resolution and proactively manage issues before they impact the business.

  • Identify patterns, trends and anomalies
  • Assess the business impact and significance of incidents
  • Pivot by data source or service for rapid problem identification

Service Health Module

Identify services that require immediate triage, those with incident response in progress, and those in a healthy state that have no open incidents. Insights reduce cognitive load and allow IT Teams to quickly understand the overall health of their digital business.

  • Search for services across your infrastructure
  • Get a unified view of the overall status of your services
  • Easily view related incidents and get infrastructure-wide context

Major Incidents Module

View major incidents as they occur in real-time and determine the relationship with impacted services and infrastructure for faster root cause analysis and resolution.

  • View a triaged list of incidents
  • Focus in and get more information on specific incidents
  • Quickly see related incidents and get infrastructure-wide context

Responders Module

Mobilize the right resources and collaborate with any subject matter expert from the organization to resolve an open incident faster. With the native relationship a business stakeholder can identify responders working a high urgency incident for continuous updates and communication flow.

  • Quickly get responder contact details
  • View all escalation policies and their corresponding responder
  • Identify which responder is working to remediate an open incident

The Operations Command Console is a very promising enhancement to PD that provides a unified view of monitoring tools, immediate correlation of noise, and helps us manage our services better to prevent outages. With the Operational Command Console, we can see it coming before it hits.


Pablo Beck, Sr. Tools Engineer at Autodesk

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