Sessions Overview

Sept. 7, 2017


How to be a Digital Game Changer in an Analog World

Abstract: How does one effectively drive IT and DevOps transformation at a large, established company? During this session, we will explore some of the key best practices, challenges, and organizational changes that established enterprises need to drive in order be successful as they become more digital. We will also discuss the evolving role of IT and Ops from a tactical function to a key strategic organization for the business.

Firaas Rashid
Director, Head of Production, International Wealth Management
Credit Suisse

AI and Machine Learning Get Real

Too often the terms machine learning and AI are associated with complex black box algorithms and models that no one seems to understand. PagerDuty is taking a more applied approach to machine learning – specifically focusing on real-life problems that users face. In this session, we'll talk about our recent release and future plans. You'll hear how we have delivered real, tangible value to some of our early customers using machine learning, advanced statistics, and sometimes, just simple math. No magic black boxes or unicorns and rainbows allowed.

Dominic Marion | Lilia Gutnik
Operations Support and Release Management Manager | Product Manager
NBC News | PagerDuty

The Business Case for DevOps

What is the real value that organizations get from undergoing a DevOps transformation? In this panel, industry experts and IT leaders will discuss actual implementations, and the accrued value to the customer, the business, and the team, in dollars, time, and satisfaction. We will explore the key metrics that your business should use to measure for building a strong case for DevOps.

Andrew Fong | Matthew Sokol | Rachel Obstler
Director of Engineering | Principal Software Engineer | VP of Product
Dropbox | Staple Digital Solutions | PagerDuty

Reimagining Customer Support

Many companies are expanding their use of PagerDuty beyond IT and DevOps – making Digital Operations Management a reality in their organization. During this session, the panel will discuss how they use PagerDuty to coordinate response to both typical and critical customer issues - delivering the best possible responses 24x7, every time.

Disha Gosalia | Allison Pickens | Larry Aronovitz | Howard Wilson
Sr. Director, Customer Support, IOT Platform | Customer Success Thought Leader & CCO | VP Customer Support | Chief Commercial Officer
GE | Gainsight | Okta | PagerDuty


SoA observability and control: present and future

Abstract: State of the art SoA observability currently primarily relies on disparate logging, metrics, and tracing systems, while control capabilities are mostly provided by CLIs, rudimentary web consoles, and chatbots. These disparate systems get the job done, but yield a huge amount of cognitive overload for SoA operators who are continuously trying to stitch together all of the different threads. This is a forward thinking talk in which we will cover the current state of the art in observability and control for SoA. We will then look forward and imagine the power of a unified observability and control plane for SoA primarily driven by the burgeoning "service mesh" paradigm.

Matt Klein
Software Engineer

Incident Response Best Practices

Hear from Susan Fowler, Editor-in-chief of Increment magazine at Stripe, about the current state of incident response. As part of Increment’s first issue, over 30 leading Bay Area companies were surveyed about their incident response practices. Hear about the trends we found, tips and tricks for how to implement these at your company, as well as where incident response might be headed in the future.

Susan Fowler | Sweta Ackerman
Editor in Chief | Engineering Manager
Stripe | PagerDuty

Future of DevOps

Abstract coming soon!

Adam Jacob
Co-Founder & CTO

Apprentices of Scale

The story of Slack's Operations team learning and teaching ourselves to cope, scale, and thrive at the intersection of growing traffic, infrastructure, company, and market.

Richard Crowley
Operations Architect

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