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We are off AWS US-East!

We have some very exciting news for all of our customers who are running mission-critical systems on AWS in the US-East region: we have migrated…

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Scout Integration with PagerDuty

We are very excited to announce a new integration with Scout. Scout is a hosted server monitoring system that works great in cloud environments. It…

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Outage Post-Mortem – June 14

On Thursday, June 14, starting at 8:44pm Pacific time, PagerDuty suffered a serious outage. The application experienced 30 minutes of downtime, followed by a period…

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Server Density DevOps Deal

We have some exciting news for PagerDuty customers that are looking for a great SaaS-based server monitoring tool. Our good friends at Server Density are…

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New Reporting Feature: Who Ever Said Numbers Were Boring?

When we aren’t dealing with event storms and cloud outages, we’re working hard on improving our product for you. One such effort has been to…

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We're switching to Free + Ad-Supported (April Fools)

This was an April Fools post, we’re quite happy with our current business model. We enjoyed writing it though, so we’ll keep it up: We…

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Outage Post Mortem – March 15

As some of you know, PagerDuty suffered an outage for a total of 15 minutes this morning. We take the reliability of our systems very…

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New Relic Integration with PagerDuty

We are very excited to announce a new integration with New Relic. As with all of our integrations, once you hook up New Relic to…

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Triggering an alert from a phone call (code sample)

I get a lot of requests to handle & escalate phone calls as well as alerts from monitoring systems. Here’s a code sample that lets…

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Not breaking your Google Analytics (like a pro)

As a general rule, whatever percentage you think your test coverage is, it isn’t. Whatever amount of the known surface area you’re covering, there’s going…

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We have a mobile site

We’re an engineering-heavy organization, but recently we’ve taken on a critical mass of design passion in the organization and hopefully it’s starting to show. Simon…

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Pressure Release Valves

This is the fourth in a series of posts on increasing overall availability of your service or system. Have you ever gotten paged, and known…

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Short emails for your pager

Our company literally grew out of our founders’ frustration at being on pager duty, where the person on-call would physically carry a pager — so…

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SCALE 10X, Linux in Southern California

One of our goals this year is to attend more conferences outside of San Francisco, and after the Southern California Linux Expo in Los Angeles,…

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It's Schedulin' Time!

The new on-call scheduling tool is here. We migrated all accounts to it prior to the holiday break. Some of you have played with it….

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What monitoring tools do you use?

We support any monitoring tool that can send an email or make a JSON call, but we support tighter integration with some than others. We…

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Team building with facial hair

One of the best things about growing our team at PagerDuty is that we have critical mass for things like Movember (it’s also an impressive…

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With a little inline help from my friends

We are absolutely spoiled in terms the technical competence of our users, so sometimes it’s difficult for us to imagine that anyone would need help…

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