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What monitoring tools do you use?

We support any monitoring tool that can send an email or make a JSON call, but we support tighter integration with some than others. We…

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Team building with facial hair

One of the best things about growing our team at PagerDuty is that we have critical mass for things like Movember (it’s also an impressive…

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With a little inline help from my friends

We are absolutely spoiled in terms the technical competence of our users, so sometimes it’s difficult for us to imagine that anyone would need help…

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A Standard Operating Procedure for when s*IT hits the fan

This is the third in a series of posts on increasing overall availability of your service or system. In the first post of this series, we…

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Using Loggly and PagerDuty for threshold alerting

Loggly has a great blog post up about using alert birds to trigger PagerDuty alerts in response to heuristics on your logs: “ the example…

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iCal Integration and Hand-off Notification

Our new calendar is getting its final touches and will add iCal integration to your profile page — if you’d like to get in on…

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Alert Birds (by Loggly)

Our good friends at Loggly are hosting a webinar on Getting Started with Alert Birds tomorrow (Oct 11) at 10am PDT. Just in case you…

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More control over Optimistic Locking in Rails

Like pretty much everything else in Rails, optimistic locking is nice and easy to setup:  you simply add a “lock_version” column to your ActiveRecord model…

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PagerDuty & Keynote Partnership

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Keynote Systems. As part of this new partnership, we’ve integrated PagerDuty with the Keynote web monitoring…

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Availability lessons from shoe companies and ancient warlords

This is the second in a series of posts on increasing overall availability of your service or system. In the first post of this series,…

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Getting the most out of PagerDuty: Incident De-Duping

Tired of getting a flood of PagerDuty incidents whenever a problem occurs with one of your systems?  Do many of the incidents seem identical?  Do…

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PagerDuty at PuppetConf 2011

PagerDuty is thrilled to be a sponsor for PuppetConf 2011.  PuppetConf is a DevOps and Operations conference presented by Puppet Labs in beautiful Portland, OR…

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Outage Post-Mortem

As you may already know, PagerDuty suffered an outage of 30 minutes yesterday, followed by a period of increased alert delivery times.  We’re taking the downtime…

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If an asteroid strikes PagerDuty

Updated on 9/21: We have replaced Twitter with our status page as a communication method. At PagerDuty we strive for 100% uptime, and it is a…

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PagerDuty at HostingCon 2011

On August 8 – 10, we’ll be “staying classy” in San Diego, California as we attend HostingCon 2011. HostingCon is the premier conference and tradeshow…

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Pingdom Integration

PagerDuty is pleased to announce integration with Pingdom; it’s now easier than ever to find out about and respond to website downtime

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Velocity Contest Winners

Velocity 2011 was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came by our booth to find more about PagerDuty, snag a t-shirt, and enter our contest.

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New APIs Available Now

Have you ever said to yourself: “PagerDuty is great, but I wish I could better integrate it into the custom tools I already use.” Or…

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