In our always-on, IoT-enabled, cloud-connected, big data age, we face a major paradox: it’s now easier than ever to collect large amounts of data — yet the more data we collect, the harder it becomes to monitor situations effectively. This problem is similar to what psychologists call “information overload” — the phenomenon that causes someone […]

In a simpler world, all alerts would be created equal and your infrastructure would either be completely working or completely broken — with no middle ground. In reality, however, the world is not that simple. Especially not today, when infrastructure is more diverse and complex than ever. Coping with that complexity requires a different approach […]

New Relic, a popular application performance management solution PagerDuty integrates with, is holding their first user conference, FutureStack, today and tomorrow. At FutureStack, New Relic will be launching new mobile and social analytics and app monitoring features. Here at PagerDuty, the feature we are most excited about is Alert Policies because it will improve alert notifications […]