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In our quest to bring better and more functionality to our iOS and Android mobile apps, we will soon be releasing a new version that should help you get the most out of your push notifications. Six months ago, we talked about how push notification growth began overtaking voice, SMS and email alerts. We have seen this […]

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As promised, we are continuing to update our mobile app to increase functionality and provide you with more information when you’re on-the-go. As 2013 ended, we stealthily released a few updates to the app to better prepare you for the holidays. When we expect less of you to be at your desk, spending time with […]

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Here is some food for thought, we learned that Android users resolve incidents in their IT environments up to 52% faster than iPhone users. Mobile has been on our mind with the release of our new Android and iPhone mobile apps. We’ve been curious on whether a user’s device preference correlated with how they may […]

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Since the early days we have been focused on improving incident management on-the-go. When your IT monitoring tool finds a problem in your app, server or website, PagerDuty offers phone call and SMS alerts to reach you anywhere in the world. Our new mobile app truly makes PagerDuty a mobile incident management platform designed to […]

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve been hard at work overhauling PagerDuty’s mobile app. Based on feedback from you on our current generation of iOS and Android apps, we’ve entirely reimagined our mobile experience. We’re now accepting Beta testers to help push us passed the finish line and launch our new apps to the public. […]

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This blog post has been updated on 12/19/2013 to reflect the changes in the PagerDuty Android mobile application. Being a fan of Ahhhnold’s meme-worthy performance in Predator, I acquired the Get to da Choppa soudbite as a ringtone on my Android. Then I thought, “would it not be cool if pagerduty notifed me with that?” […]

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We’ve had mobile on our minds lately. The recently revamped PagerDuty’s mobile site has allowed for less desktop fuss and more sleepless nights for our customers (maybe that’s not a good thing). Looking at all mobile devices, 97% of all mobile users were using either iOS or Android, so native apps were the next step. A month […]