The Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to become very popular in the lives of people, and in enterprises globally. While it began as a novelty, more innovative and mission-critical use cases have been popping up lately. With the sheer variety of IoT devices available, the large amount of data that’s generated, and the various security vulnerabilities, […]

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Everything has an API Like with many others, Pokémon Go™ has captured our attention and imagination at PagerDuty. But there are only so many Pidgeys, Rattatas and Doduos a person needs and our San Francisco office neighbors at Zynga and Adobe have been pretty fierce competition. In the spirit of competition, and providing others with […]

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The PagerDuty platform has enabled thousands of our customers to build great tools on top of our various APIs to resolve incidents faster and more effectively.  We’re proud to power the best ops teams on earth, so we’ve invested heavily in the next iteration of our API — officially available as of today. Below are a few improvements […]

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Guest blog post from Simon Westlake is the Chief Technical Officer for Powercode, a complete CRM, OSS and billing system designed for ISPs. Powercode is in use by over two hundred ISPs around the globe. Since Powercode is used worldwide by a variety of different types of ISPs, we have integrations with all kinds of […]

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Our customers are natural tinkers and builders, and we’re excited to launch our integration with Temboo. Many PagerDuty customers have found great success in using our solution to alert the right person and teams when issues occur in their systems and software. Some PagerDuty customers have been applying our alerting and on-call capabilities to other […]

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We are frequently asked by our customers if PagerDuty uses PagerDuty. The answer to that is simple, Yes. While we could end the blog post here, we thought we would dive a bit deeper giving you an inside look to how we utilize our own service to stay available. PagerDuty Using PagerDuty, It’s Pretty Meta […]

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Now there’s an API available for every element of the PagerDuty system!  PagerDuty escalation policies can now be queried through a new API that lets you access, add, modify and delete escalation policies and rules. In addition, the PagerDuty team has rebuilt the escalation policy web interface from scratch.  The layout has been optimized to […]

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As part of our push to treat our API as a first class part of the Product, we’ve enabled CORS headers so you can embed information about your PagerDuty account in an intranet page with only client side scripting. This means, for instance, that you can embed the status of a service inside a wiki […]

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Getting excited about APIs can sometimes be a stretch. An API is not a piece of flair you can adorn across your chest, glistening and glowing in eternal splendor. Front-end customer facing features tend to bring more attention. They are more apparent. More visual. More magical. You see their benefit immediately and for an eye […]

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Have you ever said to yourself: “PagerDuty is great, but I wish I could better integrate it into the custom tools I already use.” Or maybe: “Why can’t I see more reports on the number of incidents each of my team members have worked on, bucketed by MTTR, split out by seniority of the person […]