The time has come to finally announce the winners of the second annual customer and partner awards, PagerDuty Digital Operations Excellence. The awards were announced live on stage yesterday as part of our CEO’s Keynote at Summit 2017, in San Francisco. We’ve selected individuals and organizations that represent some of the best PagerDuty customers and […]

Do you have what it takes to win the PagerDuty Digital Operations Excellence awards? PagerDuty is excited to recognize the achievements of the most successful organizations with these awards at PagerDuty Summit 2017. These awards are presented to acknowledge PagerDuty customers and partners who have implemented an innovative and transformative approach to digital operations management […]

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We’re thrilled to announce that PagerDuty has been recognized as the winner in the 2016 SaaS Awards “Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product” category for our team’s dedication to improving the incident management lifecycle and the lives of ITOps and DevOps professionals leading modern operations. We are also pleased to be honored as a finalist for the “Best […]

The PagerDuty Operational Excellence Award is setting out to showcase ITOps and DevOps teams that are accelerating delivery, while ensuring services and systems remain reliable and available. These teams are tackling operational complexity head on to accelerate business and bring value to their customers. With the PagerDuty Innovation Award, we will honor inventive and exceptional use cases. […]