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It’s the end of another exciting year at PagerDuty! A few top highlights include raising $43.8 million in a Series C funding round, officially launching in London and Australia, and witnessing the first solar eclipse since 1979.   We also published a lot of good information—so as we wrap up the year, we thought we’d […]

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Becoming a new parent has been one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. That wasn’t a huge surprise; I’d been fully expecting it. But what I did find surprising was that my experiences with PagerDuty helped prepare me in ways I never anticipated. The following highlights some of my adventures in fatherhood so […]

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What did the parent say to the on-call engineer at 3am? “At least yours doesn’t smell.” Believe it or not, lack of sleep isn’t the only similarity between managing critical infrastructure and the wonderful adventure of new parenthood. One of our own, Dave Cliffe, recently delivered a talk at Velocity Santa Clara on this very […]