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A night for Diversity and Leadership Sisterhood in Silicon Valley is alive and well. On September 5, we gathered leading innovators, CEOs and founders in Silicon Valley’s tech industry to encourage inclusivity and diverse thinking. We were fortunate to have some of the most talented women leaders in tech who were willing to share their […]

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Customers are loyal to companies with whom they feel a shared set of values. So when an unexpected event strikes a company, the resulting upheaval places the brand at risk. Whether it’s an airlines blunder or a performance incident involving technology systems, these moments affect the customer experience by taking down your ability to serve […]

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Why I Joined When I decided to interview at PagerDuty almost two years ago, two things convinced me this was the right fit for me as an Engineering Manager: the people and the product. Since then, PagerDuty has more than doubled in size, and both the people and product have continued to keep me engaged […]