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Dynamic Notifications are now out in the wild! With our launch today, we give PagerDuty users the power to dynamically adjust how they are notified based on the payload of incoming alerts. There’s no need to create specific services to separate issues of different urgencies; instead, users can rest assured that with rules-based automation, all […]

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While a major incident is ongoing, all of your focus is on restoring service: watch the smoke, figure out where the fire is, and put it out. But after service has been restored—the incident is resolved, the adrenaline has drained, and it’s peace time—that’s the time to learn from what happened and then use those […]

Businesses today are increasingly reliant on the Internet and on their IT infrastructure for their business processes. Increasing risk and heightened revenue impact of IT infrastructure outages is an outcome of this burgeoning reliance, one which demands that companies both large and small become adept at IT Operations. The response to IT Operations incidents today […]

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Have you ever created an incident and wished you could choose specifically who to assign it to? Have you created additional PagerDuty services just to notify an individual or team when you need their assistance? With the new Direct Incident Assignment capability, customers can now exercise full control over assigning incidents to the right person […]

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PagerDuty sends hundreds of thousands of email notifications to customers every day, providing timely insights into problems that need their attention. To make the act of getting paged not just more pleasant, but also more informative, we’ve upgraded our email system in a big way  — by adding support for rich HTML emails. With the […]