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The PagerDuty and HipChat extension empowers responders to collaborate to resolve issues directly from their chat window Several weeks ago, we released our updated HipChat extension. Our team is excited to have built the v2 HipChat extension from scratch to support great new functionality that brings more speed, productivity, and efficiency to modern dev and […]

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Get face to face One of the great things about being a platform is that your users have the ability to take your product in a different direction than you might. We’ve had the ability to integrate your preferred conference call tool into the incident response process for a while now — Still, when one […]

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In today’s integrated digital economy, the IT infrastructures at most corporations can no longer exist in silos. The overwhelming benefit of integration is the rapid development of new ideas and solutions. The unfortunate downside is that increased integration and connectivity also places our respective organizations at risk for cyber attacks, computer viruses, and infrastructure problems […]

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PagerDuty is excited to be working closely with Atlassian to deliver incident management solutions that support the developer community. With HipChat, Atlassian has created a powerful chat tool to enable teams to work more efficiently. HipChat allows teams to increase productivity through enhanced communication — something we at PagerDuty believe to be a crucial part […]

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Wouldn’t it be great if there were tiny robots that kept track of what you were thinking, then helped you implement your plans automatically? Well, if you’re an admin responsible for monitoring infrastructure, they exist. They’re called chatbots, and they are the key to leveraging ChatOps in order to optimize your monitoring and incident management […]

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