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Today’s infrastructure is not your grandparents’ IT infrastructure, nor is it the infrastructure from a generation ago. The days of punch cards, vacuum tubes, ferrite core memory, floppies, and dial-up Internet are over. Today’s infrastructure is also not the IT infrastructure that it five years ago, or even a year ago for that matter. Modern […]

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Continuous delivery, also known as CD, refers to the ability to automate software deployment so that it’s always ready to be released into the production environment at any time. In practice, this involves dividing software releases into small chunks and performing build and unit tests continuously on all code, which results in increased release velocity. […]

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Continuous integration (CI) is a software development practice where members frequently merge their work to decrease problems and conflicts. Each push is supported by an automated build (and test) to detect errors. By checking in with one another frequently, teams can develop software more quickly and reliably. In essence, CI its about verifying the quality […]

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At PagerDuty, all of our computing infrastructure is automated using Chef. We push out features and changes to our Chef codebase very frequently – often multiple times a day – and this makes it crucial that we test our Chef code before we deploy it to our production environment. As we have learned, failures can […]