Like many Customer Success teams, we work closely with Sales to help support our customers. We receive a variety of requests from the Sales organization, ranging from enabling a new feature for a potential customer, to a request to join a call to review best practices. In order to streamline requests and ensure we don’t […]

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Why External Variables Matter in Incident Management When it comes to incident management, it’s easy to fall into an insular mindset. We spend months planning and configuring systems that alert us of any issues within the system, and to cover our bases, we establish traditional customer support channels to identify issues we don’t catch ourselves. […]

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Our customers are the reason PagerDuty is alive and healthy. Through their usage and feedback of our product we continue to strive to make it better and solve the pain that bleeds through the DevOps community of alerting, on-call scheduling and incident management. Recently, we chatted with a few of our customers who shared their […]

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Gartner identifies “software-defined anything (SDx)” as one of the top 10 strategic technologies of 2014. SDx is a driven by the need for automation in cloud computing, DevOps and infrastructure provisioning. For DevOps, creating resilient software and delivering new features quickly is supported by automating testing, deployment and maintenance. Tools that deliver automation help with […]