Customers are loyal to companies with whom they feel a shared set of values. So when an unexpected event strikes a company, the resulting upheaval places the brand at risk. Whether it’s an airlines blunder or a performance incident involving technology systems, these moments affect the customer experience by taking down your ability to serve […]

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Instacart uses PagerDuty to scale their business while delivering exceptional customer experience Instacart is turning the burdensome grocery shopping experience into an incredible opportunity. Grocers have been struggling to lure millennials and working professionals into their stores, and the amount spent on buying groceries has been declining in the past years. Instacart is one of […]

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We’re kicking off an exciting new webinar series in which we’ll be showcasing new features, capabilities, trends, innovations, and much more to help you get ahead in managing your digital operations and infrastructure in 2017! We’re starting with two highly anticipated webinars below, so be sure to save yourself a seat today.  Happy viewing! 2017 […]

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