Guest post. As a freelance developer, inheriting projects is a necessary evil. Almost every project has legacy code that the team is afraid to touch, but when you inherit a project as a freelancer, more often than not, the entire codebase is “legacy.” While dealing with an unfamiliar code base is tough, what can be […]

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Monitoring applications and systems is one thing — knowing what to do with all the data being gathered is quite another. Most IT organizations today have deployed multiple types of monitoring systems. Much of the time, the alerts these systems generate represent minor deviations from normal operations that can be largely ignored. When there is […]

Your high school history teacher no doubt delivered to you some variation on George Santayana’s famous remark that, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“ I’m pretty sure Santayana wasn’t thinking about incident management when he wrote that. But his wisdom still applies — and it’s worth heeding if you’re responsible […]

If technical debt were like monetary debt, it would be hard to keep track of it unless you checked in manually. The only way many people find out their checking account is running out of funds is by logging in and checking the balance — or, worse, having a check bounce or a debit card […]

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Guest blog post from Angel Fernández Camba, Developer at Logtrust. With Logtrust you will view all your business insights in dashboards and get alerts on any parameter you need, always in real-time. Companies don’t have to search far and wide to find ways to increase their top line revenue. Many are sitting on a wealth data waiting to […]

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Here is some food for thought, we learned that Android users resolve incidents in their IT environments up to 52% faster than iPhone users. Mobile has been on our mind with the release of our new Android and iPhone mobile apps. We’ve been curious on whether a user’s device preference correlated with how they may […]

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Last week, we announced our new Mobile Incident Management app. Many of you may be aware that prior to this release we also offered push notifications and incident management on mobile devices with an app that wasn’t very polished. The app began as a mobile website, which was created during one of our monthly hack […]

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At PagerDuty, we usually get a front seat to anything that’s wrong with the internet. Last weekend, a derecho storm took out 7% of AWS and a leap second added to UTC caused servers to panic. As we mentioned in our last post, we survived both. A few people mentioned that my graph actually made […]

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We support any monitoring tool that can send an email or make a JSON call, but we support tighter integration with some than others. We recently got our hands on a brilliant systems programmer and we’d like to have him building the best possible product for the most useful monitoring systems for our current and […]