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Over the next couple of days, you may notice that our webapp is getting a minor facelift.  We’ve always been a team of engineers first, but we’ve hired UX minded engineers as well now and it’s starting to show: The changes are slight. We’ve made button locations and styling standardized, more intuitive and focused on the […]

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You’re a techie working for one of the multitude of startups that rushed to market, where the founders hastily glued a Rails app together with candy-bar wrappers and tinfoil.  Once it became obvious that enthusiasm was no substitute for raw coding power, developers were hired paper over holes in the software architecture.  Finally, when those developers realized what […]

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The new on-call scheduling tool is here. We migrated all accounts to it prior to the holiday break. Some of you have played with it. Some of you love it. Some of you don’t love it as much, but still like it a lot. I’m happy with both of those result types. At a high […]