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Have you ever come into a company and looked around and wanted to change everything so it’s new, modern, and follows best practices? Or have you gone to a conference and taken a ton of notes on how you could fix processes in your organization when you return? If you have, you probably found out […]

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A few weeks ago, the PagerDuty security team sat down with Guy Podjarny from The Secure Developer for a discussion on our security philosophy and a look at some of the tools we use. One of our guiding philosophies on the PagerDuty security team is that we’re here to work together with everyone in the […]

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PagerDuty is excited to be working closely with Atlassian to deliver incident management solutions that support the developer community. With HipChat, Atlassian has created a powerful chat tool to enable teams to work more efficiently. HipChat allows teams to increase productivity through enhanced communication — something we at PagerDuty believe to be a crucial part […]

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“Walking over to the Ops room – I don’t feel like I ever need to do that anymore.” In the run up to our latest release of capabilities for developers, I sat down with David Yang, a senior engineer here at PagerDuty who’s seen our internal architecture evolve from a single monolithic codebase to dozens […]

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The role of the software developer has changed tremendously since the craft of creating software began. In recent years, this change has accelerated dramatically, with the developer’s role expanding beyond creating and running code in local environments. In today’s world, the developer is often: Ideating with peers across various departments Designing and creating software Designing […]

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Designed For The Developer The role of the software developer has been rapidly changing. As a developer, you already know that your involvement doesn’t end when you deploy a service to production. Now it extends into managing that service and being on-call for production issues whenever they occur. That’s a lot of responsibility. The first […]

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Here at PagerDuty, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can help the DevOps community and IT professionals succeed. We’re particularly interested in the “hows and whys” of evolving DevOps practices, how to deliver value to our practitioners, and how to better serve the community that places such high trust in PagerDuty. […]