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Dear DevOps professional: Do you have a Hard Knock Life? I’ll admit, it’s pretty easy to get self-absorbed in our own 99 Problems and not

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As an Operations pro at a cloud security company, I have a unique perspective on how security and operations can—and should, in an ideal world—work

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What have you done to improve the lives of your co-workers who are on-call? I posed this question to my Twitter followers to see what

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Depending on when you were introduced to DevOps, your perception of how DevOps is implemented will vary. DevOps started as a culture-only movement, and as

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DevOps failure is a touchy subject with some, because DevOps is typically perceived as a way to avoid failure. As a result, when you fail

Virtual Summit is back and pre-registration is officially open! On January 23, we’re unlocking on-demand sessions to help you get operations right in 2018. RSVP

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Achieving scale — that is, the ability to meet application demand at any level — is essential if you want your business and user base

The battle between e-commerce and retail companies is converging as more retailers like Walmart look to augment their brick and mortar presence with an online

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Is there such a thing as enterprise DevOps? You bet. After all, at the end of the day, DevOps is simply a methodology — one

Yesterday at our second annual user conference, PagerDuty Summit, we brought together hundreds of DevOps practitioners and business leaders to share best practices and lessons

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Becoming more operationally mature isn’t something that happens overnight after implementing some new tools. At its core, it’s a concerted effort in shifting culture so