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Yesterday at our second annual user conference, PagerDuty Summit, we brought together hundreds of DevOps practitioners and business leaders to share best practices and lessons learned from actual implementations to help others do the same. With a common theme of learning and sharing across organizations in full swing at the event, we made sure to […]

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Have you ever come into a company and looked around and wanted to change everything so it’s new, modern, and follows best practices? Or have you gone to a conference and taken a ton of notes on how you could fix processes in your organization when you return? If you have, you probably found out […]

I recently had the privilege of spending a full day with a small group of our customers. The attendees were leaders in their development and IT operations organizations and spanned a wide variety of industries, including technology, media, finance, retail, healthcare, and more. Every single one of them are recognized leaders in their spaces. One of […]

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It’s Time to Transform – Are You Ready? The shift towards agile cultures is pushing DevOps and ITOps teams to transform their software architectures and operational environments. Organizations are embracing digital transformation at an accelerated pace to innovate, compete, and deliver immediate customer value. It’s now more crucial than ever before to build a modern […]

When Big Systems Fail Failure is not an option — that’s what we’d like to think, but we all know the truth. The question of failure is not if it’ll happen, but when. Large, complex systems are more prone to failure than others, as their infrastructures often have years of technical debt from intricate architectures […]

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We had an incredible time at VMworld 2016, talking and demo-ing to hundreds of technology practitioners and leaders in the ITOps space. It was inspiring to see over 20,000 individuals from organizations of every size, level of maturity, and industry vertical — all united in their pursuit to lower TCO, increase uptime and agility, and […]

PagerDuty Summit Sneak Peek With PagerDuty Summit less than a month away, we sat down with one of our featured  speakers — entrepreneur and best-selling author, Gene Kim — to get his thoughts on digital transformation. Founder and award winning CTO of Tripwire for 13 years, Gene has gone on to write three books, including, […]

Modern organizations face great challenges as they embrace innovation and integrate new tools and services. They begin to mature and move away from the complacency of maintaining traditional technologies and systems that only solve individual, siloed problems and work “well enough.” In order to build a product that delivers continuous value, organizations must discover and […]

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At PagerDuty, we are known for our industry leading uptime, availability, and reliability. This is coupled with our award winning customer service. Over the years we have invested in our infrastructure to ensure that when our customers need us most, we are at our best. We don’t talk and measure our service offering with high-availability, […]