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The other day, a newer Engineering Manager here at PagerDuty, Dileshni Jayasinghe, started a Slack thread expressing joy at how fantastic our engineering team is

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When PagerDuty was founded, development speed was of the essence—so it should be no surprise when we reveal that Rails was the initial sole bit

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In part one of this two-part series, I went over focusing on low-effort tasks that produce the highest value and ways to increase leverage in

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My name is Sebastian Kolosa, and I’m a co-op student at the University of Waterloo studying Systems Design Engineering. I joined the Mobile team at

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What is product management and what do product managers do all day? How does it differ from software engineering? These were the questions I had

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At PagerDuty, we strive to improve and learn as individuals and as a team. This manifests itself through postmortems, code reviews, retrospectives, discussions in Slack/JIRA,

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Since joining PagerDuty as an Agile Coach, I’ve come to appreciate the engineering culture that has been fostered here. To share what has worked for

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Three years ago, I joined an up-and-coming startup called PagerDuty as an Engineering Manager. Having received Series A funding in 2013, the company was in

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