Mobile site improvements

We take our hackdays pretty seriously at PagerDuty, and we’re excited that new features and write-ups are starting to trickle out from our most recent one. The first feature to make it into the product comes from our head of product for our ever-improving mobile site experience. Mobile On-Call Display, shows you whether you are […]

New Reporting Feature: Who Ever Said Numbers Were Boring?

When we aren’t dealing with event storms and cloud outages, we’re working hard on improving our product for you. One such effort has been to let you use more of the wealth of information we store for your account. We already keep track of every incident you’ve ever sent us, every phone call we’ve ever […]

With a little inline help from my friends

We are absolutely spoiled in terms the technical competence of our users, so sometimes it’s difficult for us to imagine that anyone would need help inside our product. But now, thanks to the work our support team has been doing on the knowledge base, we’re going to start exposing context sensitive help on every page. […]

iCal Integration and Hand-off Notification

Our new calendar is getting its final touches and will add iCal integration to your profile page — if you’d like to get in on the beta, let us know at support@pagerduty.com (I forgot to mention it was still in beta in an earlier version of this post) Now, you can either download your calendar […]