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We love hackday here at PagerDuty – it’s a great opportunity for everyone at the company to work on projects they’re passionate about, get the creative juices flowing, and see how we can mix up the tools and technologies we know to help out our users and each other. Last month was one of PagerDuty’s […]

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PagerDuty webhooks make it easy to build powerful apps and tools that respond to incidents as they happen. Instead of creating scripts that continuously poll PagerDuty APIs, webhooks make it possible for your own services to receive incidents as they are triggered, acknowledged and resolved. For instance, it’s possible to automatically send a postcard to […]

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We’re rolling out Webhooks on incidents and it opens up a lot of fun new things. For background, Webhooks let you recieve HTTP callbacks when interesting events happen within your PagerDuty account. Details surrounding the interesting event will be sent via HTTP to a URL that you specify. Webhooks in action Here’s an animated view of […]

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Everybody loves Fridays, but the second Friday of every month is special at PagerDuty—that’s Hack Day. On Hack Day, anyone at PagerDuty can work on any project they like for the entire day, even non-technical staff. Whether it’s a tech demo, some kind of code cleanup, or odds and ends for a public GitHub repo, […]