In a nutshell event management is everything between an event and the human response. But first, let’s define what constitutes an event. At its core,

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In the entertainment world, building enterprise apps involves many challenges, such as compatibility with numerous devices and large files like HD videos, along with streaming

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At the latest PagerDuty Connect event in Toronto, DevOps expert Arthur Maltson shared a recent story about chaperoning his daughter’s school field trip to a

Modern organizations today are managing increasingly complex technology portfolios and pressured to deliver on innovation—all while facing far higher stakes than ever before when it

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The PagerDuty team is excited to be named a leader in the incident management space by G2Crowd! We are honored to receive this recognition, as

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We all know how important the customer service experience is. But getting customer service right is hard because it isn’t always easy to anticipate or

The typical techie will face every challenge with a simple question: “Can I build the solution myself?” And often, the question is valid enough that

When you hear the words incident management, you may think of IT pros managing backend systems. Customer support teams probably don’t come to mind. But

The big advantage of configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible is that they turn your data center into “scripted” infrastructure. Instead of wasting

Guest post. As a freelance developer, inheriting projects is a necessary evil. Almost every project has legacy code that the team is afraid to touch,

In recent years, it feels as if many major brands have suffered major infrastructure failures during one of the busiest holiday shopping days — Black

The point of continuous integration is to automate builds and tests, and bring efficiency and quality to the pipeline. However, things do sometimes go wrong