We all know how important the customer service experience is. But getting customer service right is hard because it isn’t always easy to anticipate or control what customers will experience. That’s why, in order to keep your customers happy, you need to get ahead of the customer service experience by staying on top of the […]

The typical techie will face every challenge with a simple question: “Can I build the solution myself?” And often, the question is valid enough that it gets some significant consideration. So, should we build or buy? Evaluation of an incident management solution seems to now invite this question as well. But how do you know […]

When you hear the words incident management, you may think of IT pros managing backend systems. Customer support teams probably don’t come to mind. But in fact, customer support teams have much to gain from incident management, too. Read on to learn more. Keeping Customers Happy Something that I think pretty much all IT pros […]

The big advantage of configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible is that they turn your data center into “scripted” infrastructure. Instead of wasting hours of your life provisioning and configuring each server manually, you can use a configuration tool that does the dirty work for you. However, those tools aren’t designed to automate […]

Guest post. As a freelance developer, inheriting projects is a necessary evil. Almost every project has legacy code that the team is afraid to touch, but when you inherit a project as a freelancer, more often than not, the entire codebase is “legacy.” While dealing with an unfamiliar code base is tough, what can be […]

In recent years, it feels as if many major brands have suffered major infrastructure failures during one of the busiest holiday shopping days — Black Friday. Because many of they have. Seeing big names associated with website crashes and business disruptions may be intimidating to many admins. If large international retailers struggle to keep their […]

The point of continuous integration is to automate builds and tests, and bring efficiency and quality to the pipeline. However, things do sometimes go wrong with the faster pace of development and more frequent updates that accompany a continuous integration process. When major incidents or something goes wrong occur, there’s a lot of panic. That’s where incident […]

The threat landscape is expanding at a crazy pace. There are new vulnerabilities released every day, and the amount of servers, applications, and endpoints for ITOps to manage is continually growing. These threats are also growing more potent and frequent, as a recent spate of global ransomware attacks have seen perpetrators extort thousands of dollars. […]

In our always-on, IoT-enabled, cloud-connected, big data age, we face a major paradox: it’s now easier than ever to collect large amounts of data — yet the more data we collect, the harder it becomes to monitor situations effectively. This problem is similar to what psychologists call “information overload” — the phenomenon that causes someone […]

About a year ago, some technical difficulties at Citi temporarily shut off a few hundred thousand cards and a swath of ATMs at the same time. The result: Citi’s newly launched Costco Anywhere cards received a “flood of complaints.” The Internet phrase for something on this scale is “tire fire.” Incidents that escalate to tire […]

“Incident lifecycle management? If we manage to stay alive from one incident to the next, it’s a good day. On a bad day, it’s all panic mode.” Unfortunately, that’s the reality of incident lifecycle management for far too many software and IT companies — but it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is […]

Your high school history teacher no doubt delivered to you some variation on George Santayana’s famous remark that, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“ I’m pretty sure Santayana wasn’t thinking about incident management when he wrote that. But his wisdom still applies — and it’s worth heeding if you’re responsible […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to become very popular in the lives of people, and in enterprises globally. While it began as a novelty, more innovative and mission-critical use cases have been popping up lately. With the sheer variety of IoT devices available, the large amount of data that’s generated, and the various security vulnerabilities, […]

The fear of failure can be a massive hurdle for many development and ops team members. This fear can be so overbearing that morale across the board drops significantly, hurting employee productivity and advancement. Having appropriate incident management and monitoring in place can, therefore, do more than just manage alerts and provide analytics; it can also […]