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Virtual Summit is back and pre-registration is officially open! On January 23, we’re unlocking on-demand sessions to help you get operations right in 2018. RSVP to reserve your spot now and we’ll send you a reminder when the sessions go live. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from engineers on the front line, […]

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One of the best things about working at PagerDuty is that our customers, our users, our champions, and our buyers are all the same people. With this year’s push into major incident response, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to Network Operation Centers (NOCs) about what the future holds for them. Every job changes […]

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Achieving scale — that is, the ability to meet application demand at any level — is essential if you want your business and user base to grow, or if you hope to be able to handle the vicissitudes of modern software deployment. Yet scaling is no easy feat. Most legacy applications struggle to support thousands […]

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The demands on organizations and their applications are changing. Reliability is vital to gaining the trust of users. If an app suffers degraded service, let alone complete downtime, for an extended period of time, users will go searching for a replacement out of the increasingly large variety of options. In many cases, app downtime can […]

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Today’s enterprise IT is not your grandfather’s enterprise IT. Enterprise IT is evolving rapidly and on all levels — from user demand and departmental requirements, all the way up to corporate headquarters. What factors are driving this evolution? What does it mean for IT management and staff? What does it mean for the enterprise IT […]

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