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What do you do after you’ve experienced an incident and performed a post-mortem (or, postmortem)? That may seem like a simple question, or even a non-question; after all, it’s easy to think of the post-mortem as the last step in handling an incident. But it’s not. In many ways, what you do with an incident […]

I’m Ellen and I’m a Computer Science and Psychology student at Swarthmore College. I feel lucky to have had the chance to intern at PagerDuty and I’m excited to share this reflection on my experience. In May, I walked into the PagerDuty office on the first day of my summer internship as a DataDuty intern, […]

Many of PagerDuty’s customers innovate at a rapid pace — they are rarely satisfied with the status quo. They want to keep improving the way they manage their digital operations across IT and the business and how they use PagerDuty to do it. We also found that some users weren’t familiar with some of our […]

My name is Vinh Tran and I’m currently studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech. I’m a Software Engineer Intern on the Platform team here at PagerDuty. In this post, I’d like to share some insight on what the first half of my internship has been like. Ramping Up The learning started almost immediately! I went […]

Becoming more operationally mature isn’t something that happens overnight after implementing some new tools. At its core, it’s a concerted effort in shifting culture so that people can break down communication silos to ship better software. And while tools alone are not enough, they do provide a crucial advantage by applying automation that improves speed […]

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A release is a set of customer visible and operational features that together provide a completely new or improved product capability. It’s something that’s meaningful from the user’s perspective, often comprised of user stories and service delivery related activities. Digging deeper into this, a release holds much value to users, customers and internal teams. A […]

I recently joined the summer internship program at PagerDuty, and I have already had one of the most inspiring and thought-provoking experiences of my life. Last week, I attended the fifth annual Girls In Tech Catalyst Conference hosted by the Girls In Tech global non-profit, here in San Francisco. The second I walked into the […]

Teams that serve the business, such as Business Operations and Business Intelligence, are faced with a barrage of urgent requests and never-ending list of business-critical projects on a daily basis. How can teams control this chaos and ensure they work on the right things? Traditional project management can be cumbersome. Agile methodologies designed for product […]

Zayna Shahzad is a Software Engineer at PagerDuty on the Mobile Team. She works on the Android and iOS PagerDuty apps offered through the App Store and Play Store. In this post, she shares her experience shadowing our Customer Support team. Finder her on Github and Twitter. Shadowing for Empathy One of our core values as […]

Here at PagerDuty, our engineering teams are committed to Agile development principles that favor rapid iteration over lengthy periods of design, and favor direct communication between team members over reams of written specifications. There are countless articles that dictate how Agile teams should operate. Those guidelines are fine as a starting point and framework, but […]

Here at PagerDuty, we’re committed to helping our customers get the most out of the platform as possible. We’ve long shared best practices and knowledge via resources such as our Support Knowledge Base. But over in Customer Support and Success, we’ve been hearing your frequently asked questions and saw an opportunity to create a program […]

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While a major incident is ongoing, all of your focus is on restoring service: watch the smoke, figure out where the fire is, and put it out. But after service has been restored—the incident is resolved, the adrenaline has drained, and it’s peace time—that’s the time to learn from what happened and then use those […]

Your high school history teacher no doubt delivered to you some variation on George Santayana’s famous remark that, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“ I’m pretty sure Santayana wasn’t thinking about incident management when he wrote that. But his wisdom still applies — and it’s worth heeding if you’re responsible […]