The Road Less Traveled: Our Journey to Release a Better Mobile App

The evolution of our mobile app began as an internal hack day project to create a mobile view for the PagerDuty web app. This mobile website was transformed into a makeshift mobile app using a native wrapper to provide push notifications. Despite the limitations of our first app, 30% of non-email alerts were push notifications […]

Getting to da Choppa! (aka: Customizing Your Android Notifications)

This blog post has been updated on 12/19/2013 to reflect the changes in the PagerDuty Android mobile application. Being a fan of Ahhhnold’s meme-worthy performance in Predator, I acquired the Get to da Choppa soudbite as a ringtone on my Android. Then I thought, “would it not be cool if pagerduty notifed me with that?” […]

Mobile site improvements

We take our hackdays pretty seriously at PagerDuty, and we’re excited that new features and write-ups are starting to trickle out from our most recent one. The first feature to make it into the product comes from our head of product for our ever-improving mobile site experience. Mobile On-Call Display, shows you whether you are […]

We have a mobile site

We’re an engineering-heavy organization, but recently we’ve taken on a critical mass of design passion in the organization and hopefully it’s starting to show. Simon built out a mobile site to facilitate acknowledging and resolving alerts from your phone: Now you’ll have all the major PagerDuty functionality in an easier form factor, and the full […]