on-call best practices

Effective Start / End Practices for On-Call Scheduling

Since we launched on-call handoff notifications, lots of our customers have used them to be notified about their on-call responsibilities to make sure they never forget when they’re on-call. Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of on-call schedules and thought we’d share some of the more favored practices we’ve seen. Exchange Shifts During Business […]

Use a Combination of Alerting Methods for the Best Result

Monitoring tools offer a very limited way to get alerts. Usually, only by email. But nobody wants to sit in front of their inbox waiting for an email while they are on-call, just incase something happens. Through a series of blog posts we have made the case for each type of alert: phone, SMS, email […]

Oh $#!+, I Forgot I Was On-Call

Okay, breathe. Everything is going to be okay! In a recent survey we conducted, we learned that over 80% of you have admitted you have forgotten that you were on call. It makes sense, you aren’t in the office and out living your life. Then pow! You receive an alert that desperately requires your attention! […]

Ensuring the Call Goes Out—Every Time

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at Surge 2012 in Baltimore, MD. The audience were of those whose focus was on better scaling their infrastructure to be prepared for the worse case scenario, as well as seeking how to improve the overall performance of their systems. As the CTO and co-founder of […]