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What have you done to improve the lives of your co-workers who are on-call? I posed this question to my Twitter followers to see what

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My name is Yiyun and I’m currently a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo. I’m a Software Engineer intern on the Core team

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The holiday season is in full swing. It’s the time of year to appreciate your loved ones and spend time with those who matter most.

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Shadowing on-call engineers feels like watching open-heart surgery over a doctor’s shoulder. Precision and speed are paramount, and mistakes can lead to severe consequences. As

As every business evolves into a digital business, and micro-moments matter more than ever to both revenue and brand equity, the need for effective communications

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The Alert A few weeks ago, I went to my first baseball game. The San Francisco Giants were playing the San Diego Padres at the

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Becoming a new parent has been one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. That wasn’t a huge surprise; I’d been fully expecting it.

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Zayna Shahzad is a Software Engineer at PagerDuty on the Mobile Team. She works on the Android and iOS PagerDuty apps offered through the App

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In today’s integrated digital economy, the IT infrastructures at most corporations can no longer exist in silos. The overwhelming benefit of integration is the rapid

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Here at PagerDuty, we understand that being on-call can be a lot of work. In addition to triaging, assessing, and resolving incidents as they arise,

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Have you ever returned to the office to find out that a server was down the whole night, and there was no way you could

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The on-call engineer has a critical role to play in incident management. Since on-call engineers are the first responders, they can mean the difference between

In February, we launched On-Call Handoff Notifications so you never forget that you are on-call, missing an alert! By popular demand, we’ve tweaked this feature

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Whenever we meet someone the first question we are asked is what we do for a living. We are always on the job, even though

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Knowing your on-call status is more important than knowing if it’s raining outside. Unlike dealing with the drizzle that’s passed over San Francisco recently, if

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This is a guest blog post from Katie Newland. It’s a reaction to her spouse receiving PagerDuty notifications at inopportune times and how her spouse’s