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Three years ago, I joined an up-and-coming startup called PagerDuty as an Engineering Manager. Having received Series A funding in 2013, the company was in hyper-growth mode and hiring aggressively across all areas. The Engineering team was less than 30 people at the time, and a big draw for me was (and still is) learning […]

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At PagerDuty, we pride ourselves in supporting the everyday hero, so naturally, we take it upon ourselves to give back to the community. Each year, we’ve actively participated in Movember so this year we decided to unite together to support other causes that we are equally passionate about. One of our beloved employees is a breast […]

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Using a little code inspiration from the Gmail Lamp, Daniel Gentleman of Thoughtfix (@Thoughtfix) built an awesome PagerDuty Arduino integration by combining an Arduino YUN, a 3D printed sphere and Adafruit’s Neopixel Ring to create visual status check of his PagerDuty dashboard. Check it out in the video of his device (and his cat) in […]

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Evan Gilman, operations engineer at PagerDuty, recently spoke at a meetup at PagerDuty HQ.  The first thing Evan noted, “Security is hard.” Whether you’re a small shop with a constantly evolving codebase or a huge enterprise with many thousands of employees, attackers will keep coming so you need to find a scalable way to stop […]

Building is second nature for many engineers. Naturally you could build a solution to solve the problems of: Having multiple monitoring tools for your infrastructure Sending multiple types of alerts and re-routing to another person until they’re answered Handling on-call shift changes with one click when life happens Having the dashboards to identify hotspots to […]

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PagerDuty escalation policies just reached the next level (pun intended). You can now add up to 10 team members to each level of your policies to notify more people about the incidents they care about. Make sure your team’s issues are responded to quickly and resolved in a flash by getting all the right people […]

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This is the final post of our series about transitioning to a DevOps culture (for now). To start from the beginning check out, Why You Should Establish a DevOps Culture. When we talk about DevOps we often defer to a conversation around collaboration and culture. One of the most important aspects of taking a DevOps […]

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At PagerDuty we’ve invested in superior reliability of our service. We strive for 100% uptime to ensure that any events detected by your monitoring tools are routed to the correct person on your team via a PagerDuty alert. While we don’t expect outages to inhibit PagerDuty’s ability to send alerts, having a contingency plan never […]

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2014 is already an exciting year for PagerDuty. Recently, our HQ moved to a swanky new office. The new space gives us the ability to grow our business and provide a superior service to our customers. You rely on PagerDuty to deliver your IT alerts and schedule your on-call teams and our new office will […]

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We are frequently asked by our customers if PagerDuty uses PagerDuty. The answer to that is simple, Yes. While we could end the blog post here, we thought we would dive a bit deeper giving you an inside look to how we utilize our own service to stay available. PagerDuty Using PagerDuty, It’s Pretty Meta […]

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Ask any PagerDutonian what the most important requirement of our service is and you’ll get the same answer: Reliability. Our customers rely on us to alert them when their systems are having trouble; on time, every time, day or night. Our code is deployed across 3 data centers and 2 cloud providers to ensure all […]

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Monitoring your infrastructure. It can be challenging, but that’s why you have all of the tools in place to make sure you don’t miss a beat when things go wrong. You’ve probably got Nagios monitoring your overall infrastructure, Pingdom or Neustar WPM monitoring your website, Boundary and New Relic monitoring your apps, or something completely […]