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Three years ago, I joined an up-and-coming startup called PagerDuty as an Engineering Manager. Having received Series A funding in 2013, the company was in

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At PagerDuty, we pride ourselves in supporting the everyday hero, so naturally, we take it upon ourselves to give back to the community. Each year,

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Using a little code inspiration from the Gmail Lamp, Daniel Gentleman of Thoughtfix (@Thoughtfix) built an awesome PagerDuty Arduino integration by combining an Arduino YUN,

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Evan Gilman, operations engineer at PagerDuty, recently spoke at a meetup at PagerDuty HQ.  The first thing Evan noted, “Security is hard.” Whether you’re a

Building is second nature for many engineers. Naturally you could build a solution to solve the problems of: Having multiple monitoring tools for your infrastructure

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PagerDuty escalation policies just reached the next level (pun intended). You can now add up to 10 team members to each level of your policies

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This is the final post of our series about transitioning to a DevOps culture (for now). To start from the beginning check out, Why You

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At PagerDuty we’ve invested in superior reliability of our service. We strive for 100% uptime to ensure that any events detected by your monitoring tools

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2014 is already an exciting year for PagerDuty. Recently, our HQ moved to a swanky new office. The new space gives us the ability to

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We are frequently asked by our customers if PagerDuty uses PagerDuty. The answer to that is simple, Yes. While we could end the blog post

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Ask any PagerDutonian what the most important requirement of our service is and you’ll get the same answer: Reliability. Our customers rely on us to

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Monitoring your infrastructure. It can be challenging, but that’s why you have all of the tools in place to make sure you don’t miss a