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Virtual Summit is heading to the UK! Just like its sister event in the U.S., Virtual Summit UK has a packed lineup of practitioners and thought leaders to help equip you with the skills and insight you need to build your business of tomorrow. With two brilliant tracks, we have content for everyone—from executives to […]

Virtual Summit is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited! With only a couple of weeks to go, we thought we’d share three reasons why you should attend Virtual Summit on January 23. Trust us—you don’t want to miss out on this virtual event! 1. It’s Time to Reimagine Operations Operations is no longer […]

Yesterday at our second annual user conference, PagerDuty Summit, we brought together hundreds of DevOps practitioners and business leaders to share best practices and lessons learned from actual implementations to help others do the same. With a common theme of learning and sharing across organizations in full swing at the event, we made sure to […]

As software becomes the de facto medium through which business is conducted, the quality of the digital experience defines an organization’s success. That’s why organizations have seconds, not minutes or hours, to mobilize people across the business to solve digital problems. And that’s why today, at PagerDuty Summit 2017, we announced a brand new set […]

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As part of PagerDuty Summit this week, our Community team will be hosting a chaos engineering inspired Breakathon at our office in San Francisco. During the four-hour event, participants will break out into teams of 3-5 people to compete in a race against the clock to resolve infrastructure failures. You may be wondering why we’re […]

As every business evolves into a digital business, and micro-moments matter more than ever to both revenue and brand equity, the need for effective communications in the face of crisis has grown. There is, of course, more pressure on the technical teams who develop and manage these services, but digital transformation is also putting pressure […]

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We — the Community team — may be a very young team, one of the youngest at PagerDuty considering we just launched in June, but we’ve got big plans for the PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco. On September 6th, we’re hosting a Breakathon at our headquarters  — if you haven’t registered yet, you totally should. But […]

PagerDuty Summit is around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve got a lot in store for attendees and we can’t wait! In addition to what we’ve already got planned for the week — PagerDuty University, a Breakathon, 15+ speakers, 2 distinct tracks, 14 sessions, and 2 awesome happy hours — were giving attendees […]

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This is a guest post by Ilan Rabinovitch, Director of Product Management at Datadog. The convergence of rapid feature development, automation, continuous delivery, and the shifting makeup of modern tech stacks has pushed monitoring requirements to a potentially overwhelming scale. But while the systems you need to monitor are complex, your monitoring strategy doesn’t have to […]

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Is your organization’s IT system operationally mature, and is it application-centric? In today’s digital landscape, achieving both of these are crucial for the success of any serious IT operation — both at the enterprise level and in the context of smaller organizations. What is operational maturity? It is a general measure of the overall consistency, […]

Like many Customer Success teams, we work closely with Sales to help support our customers. We receive a variety of requests from the Sales organization, ranging from enabling a new feature for a potential customer, to a request to join a call to review best practices. In order to streamline requests and ensure we don’t […]

Recently, I was putting together training material for our upcoming track on “Owning Incident Response” at PagerDuty University, and I listened to the recordings of incident calls across many years of PagerDuty history. Several hours of hearing my coworkers at 2x speed prompted two observations: first, I should go find my copy of Christmas with the […]

Financial institutions most often suffer the greatest consequences of a security breach because, as the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton once said, “…that’s where the money is.” While there isn’t much that financial institutions can do to stop cyber criminals from attempting to steal sensitive data or financial assets, the way they respond to those […]

Being on-call is already a demanding and sometimes very unforgiving responsibility. If you are working in a regulated industry, however, the demands that incident management places on your organization are likely to be even greater and even less forgiving. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the basic principles of software-related incident management in regulated industries. […]

Many of PagerDuty’s customers innovate at a rapid pace — they are rarely satisfied with the status quo. They want to keep improving the way they manage their digital operations across IT and the business and how they use PagerDuty to do it. We also found that some users weren’t familiar with some of our […]

In recent years, it feels as if many major brands have suffered major infrastructure failures during one of the busiest holiday shopping days — Black Friday. Because many of they have. Seeing big names associated with website crashes and business disruptions may be intimidating to many admins. If large international retailers struggle to keep their […]

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Friday, July 28th is SysAdmins Day, but here at PagerDuty we’re celebrating all week by discounting PagerDuty University for everyone. Register by July 28th and you can get 30% off PagerDuty University. I have a hard time explaining to my mom what I do and what I have done in my career in tech. My […]

It’s official, we’re thrilled to share that PagerDuty Summit ‘17 will be hosted in San Francisco from September 5-7 at Pier 27. Here’s everything you need to know about the event. Ops Reimagined We know the struggle. Operations is no joke; and getting it right is nothing short of mission-critical to keeping your app, service, […]