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A release is a set of customer visible and operational features that together provide a completely new or improved product capability. It’s something that’s meaningful from the user’s perspective, often comprised of user stories and service delivery related activities. Digging deeper into this, a release holds much value to users, customers and internal teams. A […]

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I sat nervously at the top of the mountain with a snowboard, staring down a double black diamond that seemed to trail off into nowhere. The icy wind biting at my face as I grit my teeth and reminded myself that, “speed is my friend.” Speed provides agility to instinctively maneuver, trusting myself and others […]

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At Velocity Santa Clara this year, I gave a talk about the interplay between the DevOps movement and product management. I think it’s important for product managers to understand the impact their choices have on software operability, and for engineering teams — whether DevOps or other — to have an understanding of how their choices […]