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Modern Security Monitoring: Which Tools Should Be in Your Stack? The approach you take when it comes to security monitoring needs to be completely different when you manage cloud-native or containerized applications, because troubleshooting and resolving security incidents quickly using traditional tools isn’t feasible in such a complex environment. With that in mind, here are some […]

Being on-call is already a demanding and sometimes very unforgiving responsibility. If you are working in a regulated industry, however, the demands that incident management places on your organization are likely to be even greater and even less forgiving. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the basic principles of software-related incident management in regulated industries. […]

The threat landscape is expanding at a crazy pace. There are new vulnerabilities released every day, and the amount of servers, applications, and endpoints for ITOps to manage is continually growing. These threats are also growing more potent and frequent, as a recent spate of global ransomware attacks have seen perpetrators extort thousands of dollars. […]

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A few weeks ago, the PagerDuty security team sat down with Guy Podjarny from The Secure Developer for a discussion on our security philosophy and a look at some of the tools we use. One of our guiding philosophies on the PagerDuty security team is that we’re here to work together with everyone in the […]

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Here at PagerDuty, we’re pretty focused on being involved in the DevOps community by providing perspectives on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re headed as a community — and of course hearing from the community as well! And, if you follow this blog you probably saw an earlier post recapping our Predictions and […]

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Logz.io is an AI-powered log analysis platform that offers the open source ELK Stack as a enterprise-grade cloud service with machine learning technology. By integrating Logz.io with PagerDuty, you gain the ability to get alerted when specific conditions that you define are triggered in your ELK Stack environment via PagerDuty. You can sign up for […]

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As PagerDuty continues to evolve and innovate beyond traditional incident management with new products and capabilities in digital operations management, a key area of focus has been ensuring security always remains at the heart of our platform. In order for powerful capabilities around Event Intelligence and Response Orchestration to be adopted across the enterprise, we […]

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Evan Gilman, operations engineer at PagerDuty, recently spoke at a meetup at PagerDuty HQ.  The first thing Evan noted, “Security is hard.” Whether you’re a small shop with a constantly evolving codebase or a huge enterprise with many thousands of employees, attackers will keep coming so you need to find a scalable way to stop […]

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Alex Smolen, Software Engineer at Twitter, recently spoke to our DevOps Meetup group at PagerDuty HQ about the philosophies and best practices his teams follow to maintain a high level of security for their 255+ million monthly active users. Security in a Fast-Moving Environment: The Challenges Twitter is one of the world’s most widely used […]

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This Friday, July 11th at 12:00 PM we’re hosting our second Meetup at PagerDuty HQ. Swing by, grab a slice of pizza, a cup of beer and learn all about how you can keep your customers’ data safe from Twitter, PagerDuty and Okta.   Alex Smolen, Software Engineer at Twitter. Alex has a masters degree […]

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Constant validation is an essential piece of PagerDuty’s security methodology – and it takes place by way of continuous monitoring and alerting. A robust monitoring system helps us proactively detect issues and resolve them quickly. Here are a handful of the monitoring and alerting tactics that we employ. Port Availability Monitoring Using our dynamic firewalls, […]

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This is the second post in a series about how we manage security at PagerDuty. To start from the beginning check out, How We Ensure PagerDuty is Secure for our Customers. High Availability and Reliability are extremely important here at PagerDuty. We have spent an enormous amount of time designing and architecting our service to […]

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We at PagerDuty take security very seriously. To us, security means protecting customer data and making sure that customers can securely communicate with PagerDuty. Given our focus on high availability, we pay a lot of attention to how we design and monitor our security infrastructure. In a dynamic environment like PagerDuty’s, providing robust host and […]