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What does incident management mean for the travel and hospitality industry? There are times when it can mean everything. In this post, we’ll take a look at the potential cost of data processing and IT downtime in the hospitality and travel industries, and what you can do to manage downtime incidents to minimize potential damage. […]

The battle between e-commerce and retail companies is converging as more retailers like Walmart look to augment their brick and mortar presence with an online presence, and more e-commerce companies like Amazon establish an offline presence. To support this two-way expansion, retailers and e-commerce companies are looking to deliver outstanding omnichannel customer experiences. Omnichannel in […]

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It’s the morning of February 28, 2017, and vast swathes of the internet are unavailable. From individual sites to services that thousands of others rely on — such as Slack, Quora, GitHub and Trello — many are unavailable. You probably remember the day that ‘human error‘ took down so much of the internet, with broad […]

When you hear the words incident management, you may think of IT pros managing backend systems. Customer support teams probably don’t come to mind. But in fact, customer support teams have much to gain from incident management, too. Read on to learn more. Keeping Customers Happy Something that I think pretty much all IT pros […]

Like many Customer Success teams, we work closely with Sales to help support our customers. We receive a variety of requests from the Sales organization, ranging from enabling a new feature for a potential customer, to a request to join a call to review best practices. In order to streamline requests and ensure we don’t […]

Customers are loyal to companies with whom they feel a shared set of values. So when an unexpected event strikes a company, the resulting upheaval places the brand at risk. Whether it’s an airlines blunder or a performance incident involving technology systems, these moments affect the customer experience by taking down your ability to serve […]

Financial institutions most often suffer the greatest consequences of a security breach because, as the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton once said, “…that’s where the money is.” While there isn’t much that financial institutions can do to stop cyber criminals from attempting to steal sensitive data or financial assets, the way they respond to those […]