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Benefits With PagerDuty

  • Improved MTTR by 300%
  • Increased peace of mind around alert delivery
  • Streamline incident communication with affected teams

C2FO Eliminated Internal Status Emails With PagerDuty and

C2FO is the world’s market for working capital and risk-free profit. C2FO is the only working capital exchange that allows companies to optimize their working capital positions in a live, bid/ask environment. Companies across the globe use C2FO to increase their operating income while simultaneously producing vital working capital flows to their supply chain.

Challenges with redundant status emails and missed alerts

Before using PagerDuty and, Patrick spent the majority of his day communicating incident status to the rest of the company whenever backend issues arose. Instead of 100% focusing on fixing the issues at hand, this meant Patrick had to regurgitate Jira ticket information within manual status emails. Additionally, it meant he had to reply individually to any inbound internal emails with colleagues looking for more information on the current status.

Patrick and his team relied on Nagios to watch after their systems, but did not have the time or resources to customize alerts and escalation workflows within Nagios. The result was a lot of noise and if alerts were missed, there was no guarantee that they would be re-routed to another person. Once, Patrick woke up at 5 am to find that an alert which triggered at midnight had not received a response. To improve their system reliability, his team needed a solution to ensure the team was aware of issues immediately without all of the overhead of managing the system themselves.

Streamline incident response and communication

To eliminate repetitive status communication and save Patrick a day’s worth of time during and after an outage, C2FO setup and integrated PagerDuty and HipChat. Now, the whole company has one place to check during an outage and every employee can opt-in to real-time email and SMS status notifications. Now, when Nagios detects issues, Nagios sends the alerts to PagerDuty and PagerDuty routes them to the right on-call engineers for the job. While the engineers are working to restore service, StatusPage notifies the whole company of the incident through This provides C2FO with one source of truth to check during an outage.

Using the integration, C2FO automated status communication based off of PagerDuty triggers. See below for a few example rules and incident templates that Patrick has setup. With the two tools working together, Patrick can now focus on restoring services during outages knowing that everyone else in the company can use C2FO’s internal status page as the authoritative source for status information.

Cutting MTTR from hours to minutes

Before StatusPage, when they had an outage, C2FO would spend a full 8 hours talking to our employees about the outage and giving status updates, leaving no time to help fix the actual problem. Now that we have StatusPage implemented, and hooked it up with PagerDuty, that time has dropped to 0.

StatusPage is THE authoritative source of information within our organization.”

Furthermore, C2FO has been able to decrease their average resolution time from from 4 hours to 1.

“It’s easy for an email to slip through if someone has been up 14 hours already. PagerDuty allowed us to ensure we respond to every actionable alert and has improved our resolution times by 300%.”