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Codeship Helps Companies Launch Software with Ease using PagerDuty

When companies come to you for reliable code testing and deployment, you better make sure you’re the strongest link in the software supply chain. Codeship offers continuous integration and delivery as a service, which means its system issues need to be identified and fixed as soon as possible.

If they’re not, Codeship isn’t the only one in trouble. Tons of companies rely on it to get their products to market. If Codeship sinks, so does everyone else. That’s why it relies on PagerDuty to keep their systems up with fast incident resolution times and a better quality of life for employees.
The result? Codeship can focus on how to scale and grow, all while boosting the uptime of its service and infrastructure.

Supporting a Customer-First Mentality

The company employs a customer-first philosophy – Codeship errs on the side of over communication with their customers when there’s an incident or outage. Because of this, nearly all of Codeship’s employees – even the non-technical ones – have a role in keeping their users happy and the company running.

The first line of defense is the engineers who can directly fix systems. But non-technical employees like the customer success and marketing teams are also notified when incidents occur so they can proactively reach out and mitigate any impact.

Transparent, regular communication with customers during outages is a key part of Codeship’s business strategy: Motlik and his team know that how they talk about outages and disruptions can make or break their relationship with customers. They trust PagerDuty to ensure the confidence of all their users.

Codeship employees are distributed across the U.S. and Europe, so they’re not operating on the same schedules, either. PagerDuty provides a means to centralize all on-call processes and for people to be on-call during business hours — and then enjoy their personal lives during off-hours.


Preventing Issues With PagerDuty

PagerDuty empowers Codeship to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Motlik and his team use PagerDuty to perform post-mortems on every outage. They analyze key metrics like time to response and time to resolve. They also assess how they can do an even better job of using PagerDuty for more efficient alerting.

“We’ve recently invested a lot more time into using PagerDuty’s dashboards to decrease false positives.”

That reduces the number of alerts he and his team must field. And it gives them the bandwidth to work on truly important issues. As a result, Codeship’s team went from receiving an average of 15 alerts per week to just three.

PagerDuty also provides the perfect point of entry for new engineers. Codeship puts them on PagerDuty after their first month to better understand company systems. That involves everyone in the monitoring process early on, which is how Codeship likes it. Motlik is a firm believer that if you build something, you should be the one to fix it.

All the code the company ships is informed by that philosophy, and PagerDuty makes sure it stays that way.

“It’s simple – PagerDuty just works. PagerDuty keeps Codeship up and running.”