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PagerDuty enables eHarmony to make all incident resolution processes automated and preventative, further decreasing resolution time, but most importantly keeping within their SLAs so customers can pursue their matches and relationships. Separately, eHarmony also leverages PagerDuty’s Advanced Analytics reporting to track overall operational performance. By delivering comprehensive metrics on application and infrastructure failures and team performance, PagerDuty helps eHarmony gain a better understanding of problem areas and restructure its response processes or employee training to solve these problems more efficiently.

“Millions of people rely on eHarmony’s online compatibility matching system and any downtime that occurs can result in a decrease in revenue and customer loyalty,” said Hav Mustamandy, Director of System Operations, eHarmony. “Uptime is critical and PagerDuty has helped our IT and engineering teams solve technical issues before they get out of hand.”

“As software-powered businesses continue to grow, it’s important to prioritize the people and tools that are responsible for uptime and positive customer experiences,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, Vice President of Product at PagerDuty. “We’re excited to work with eHarmony to drive an operations strategy that not only streamlines internal incident resolution processes, but also provides an experience their end users love.”

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