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SafeinHome Receives Real-Time Alerts when its Life-Saving System is Threatened

Families who need to care for one or more seniors face some serious dilemmas. They can hire expensive in-home caregivers or move a family member to a costly facility. Or, they can make significant personal and financial sacrifices to care for a senior on their own. Often these options are prohibitive, especially if a family wants a parent, relative or grandparent to live at home as long as possible.

That’s where SafeinHome comes in. The company sells a network of low-cost wireless sensors that alert families on their smartphones when something they care about happens to a senior they love—even when they’re absent from the home.

The system can’t quit, just like the caregivers it serves. That’s why SafeinHome chose PagerDuty to ensure their system does what it does best: keep seniors safe.

Missed Alerts Lead to Serious Headaches

Before PagerDuty, SafeinHome used a less reliable means to catch system issues, which included basic email and text alerts. When an engineer missed these alerts, there was no backup in place. Development phases were particularly precarious, as all alerts were routed to one individual – SafeinHome CTO Tim Lloyd, who was heads down working on the project at hand.

SafeinHome’s wireless sensor network discreetly tracks (non-visually) a senior’s movements around the home. The real-time data is sent to a caregiver’s smartphone to keep them apprised of their loved one’s activities. The caregiver sets up custom alerts that notify them if issues arise. They rely on it for peace of mind that all is well—and fast responses if something goes wrong.

That meant SafeinHome’s issues with timely alerts could turn into real alarm for customers.

When Lloyd was traveling on business, and checked his email once again before bed—he was left to learn of an issue that had happened an hour before. There was no sleep for Lloyd and the SafeinHome team as they scrambled to repair their systems and ensure their customers were safe.

A More Redundant Future

Now, the SafeinHome team receives multiple redundant alerts. If one team member isn’t available, others are scheduled to receive notifications immediately when there are system issues. As a result, problems are flagged right away and fixed in no time.

“I can go address things in minutes—things that may have taken hours to previously notice,” Lloyd says.

Lloyd recounts that back in the day, infrastructure problems required engineers go into the office. Now, everything is solvable from remote desktop and mobile systems thanks to modern technology – namely PagerDuty. When notified, anyone at SafeinHome can quickly and easily whip out a tablet and address them—even while commuting.

“Regardless of where we are or what we’re doing, we’re made aware of the problem,” Lloyd says. “This means that our customers – and their loved ones who rely on us – can rest assured that we are there for them 24/7.”