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Benefits With PagerDuty

  • Decrease MTTR
  • Increase operations efficiency
  • Replaced third-party agents for off-hours alerting Increasing Operations Efficiency to Reduce MTTR is the leading online independent retailer of rail tickets, for travel in Great Britain by tickets sold and provides journey planning and booking solutions to a variety of customers throughout Great Britain. specializes in easing the process of booking rail travel within Great Britain. It offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, amongst others, to help rail travelers book on the go, and helps to save rail travellers money by easing the process of booking in advance. But, project manager Kit Reynolds says that when it came to alerting,’s own operations had room for improvement.

“We were spending lots of time closing down redundant alerts.”

Internal support was one such area. contracted with a third-party help-desk provider to deliver 24×7 IT support services, but the third party’s agents were not close to’s business and only served to hand off support calls.

This not only introduced delays in the resolution but the lack of context meant the real issue was not always communicated effectively as the front-line agents. As a consequence second-line support agents had to rely on the notification of a problem and then investigate the incident tickets to find the root cause themselves. This meant time was spent on research when it could have been better spent on implementing a fix.

How Did PagerDuty Help?

PagerDuty’s platform was able to step in and replace the third-party agents that had been using for out of hours alerting (i.e. waking people up in the event of downtime).

Right away, PagerDuty’s notification options proved useful. wasted no time in leveraging three of PagerDuty’s four available alerting methods (phone calls, text messages and push notifications to the PagerDuty app) to alert ops teams to issues that might cause a problem for their customers and prevent them from escalating.

“We’re impressed with how much PagerDuty has helped us.”

As part of the migration to PagerDuty, alert quality has improved for as teams can customize their alert options to get notified the way they want. This means no longer do they have to deal with false alarms or duplicate notifications.

“For every P2, we receive a call without any delay. Hence, it helps us to take the required action on time before the incident becomes more complicated.”

PagerDuty also has the advantage of being far less expensive than the previous third-party solution. Best of all, it has freed’s operations teams from spending time on unnecessary alert administration and empowered them to spend more time on activities that add value to the business – all while reducing mean time to recovery (MTTR).

The team managers benefit too. With much greater visibility into their teams’ activities. With improved visibility comes better communication, an important consideration in the modern DevOps era.’s operations teams are enjoying the convenience that PagerDuty delivers. Staff only get notified for the issues they need to know about, improving productivity and helping thetrainline offer better service to its end-users.