Cherwell Extension Guide

This extension is in early access for customers on our Standard and Enterprise plans. The extension works for Cherwell Cloud, not on-premises. If you wish to enable this extension on your account, please reach out to Support.

In PagerDuty

1. Go to the Configuration menu and select API Access.

2. On the API Access page, click Create New API Key.

3. In the dialog that pops up, you’ll be prompted to enter a Description for your key, and select to create a V2 API key.

4. Once you have filled in your options, click Create Key.

5. Once you click Create Key, you will see a dialog displaying your key and confirming the options you filled in on the previous step. Make sure to copy this key into any application that needs it now, as you will not have access to the key after this step. If you lose a key that you created previously and need access to it again, you should remove the key and create a new one. Click Close once you have successfully copied your key.

6. Once created, you will see your key appear in the list of keys on the API Access page, with versioning noted.

After key creation you’ll see this:

In Cherwell

Cherwell Service Configuration

Installing the mApp:

1. Login to the Cherwell Administrator application.

2. Download the PagerDuty mApp

3. In Cherwell Admin Client start the mApp Wizard. (You should select Make reasonable decisions, but ask me if unsure)

4. Once you have gone through the wizard, you will be asked if you want to edit the mApp or try to deploy it as-is. You should open the mApp.

Configuring Cherwell Stored Values:

  1. Select the Settings menu from the set of categories listed in the left sidebar.
  2. Select the Open Stored Values Manager option on the resulting Settings page.
  3. On the resulting popup dialog window, use the folder navigator in the left sidebar to navigate to the Global/Integrations folder. There you will find two PagerDuty related values identified by the PagerDuty icon.
  4. Edit each one in turn providing the appropriate value for use with your PagerDuty service. The edit dialog for each value explains in detail what it is used for.

You need to edit both the Admin Email and the API key you generated earlier. (Only the latter shown here.

Mapping PagerDuty Users and Services in Cherwell

1. From the main Cherwell menu select Table Management

2. Select PagerDuty Services from the dropdown. 

3. Get the service ID. (See screenshot below for where to derive this ID.)

4. Select the Cherwell team you want associated with the PD service ID and paste it in to the correct field. You will need to do this for each Team to Service mapping. 

When you have done the services you’ll want to do the Users. Here you’re mapping your Cherwell users to a PagerDuty user. You will need to do this for each Cherwell user where the Cherwell email is different than their PagerDuty email. 

PagerDuty Service Configuration

In Cherwell:

Go to Security and then REST API Clients.

Copy the client key.

In PagerDuty:

In the services you have mapped to a Cherwell team, create a new Extension.  You’ll see Cherwell as one of your options. Fill out the form so that the fields in the screenshot below are filled with the correct information.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Support.