HipChat Extension Guide

HipChat is a persistent group chat tool for teams. PagerDuty has now integrated it’s incident management platform into HipChat. This new extension allows you to receive incident notifications, take responder actions and use powerful slash commands to create incidents from HipChat.

In PagerDuty

  1. In the navigation bar, click on Configuration and select Extensions.
  2. Once you are on the Extensions page, click on the Add button next to HipChat.
  3. On the HipChat extension page, click on the drop-down menu and select any services you want to connect to a single HipChat room, then click on Add to HipChat Room.
  4. Log into your HipChat account, select the room you want to connect these services to, and click on Continue. Then approve the integration.
  5. Once you are brought back to PagerDuty, the services have been connected to HipChat.

In HipChat

  1. After adding PagerDuty services to a HipChat room, you will see the following helper text in your room.

    • With this integration, you will be alerted to incidents in your HipChat room. 
    • Responders can take action (Acknowledge, Resolve) on these incidents in HipChat.
    • User association between HipChat and PagerDuty, ensures actions are correctly attributed to the right user for security and analytics.
    • ChatOps commands enable users to quickly create incidents and take actions on existing incidents, thereby saving precious time.
  2. Once an incident has been triggered on one of these services, you can click on View in Sidebar on the incident to Login to PagerDuty
  3. HipChat will now be completely integrated with your account so that you can manage your PagerDuty incidents right from your HipChat room.


Does a HipChat user need a PagerDuty account to trigger an incident?

No, any HipChat user can trigger an incident within PagerDuty. A user only needs access to a room within HipChat that is connected to at least one PagerDuty service.

Does a HipChat user need a PagerDuty account to acknowledge or resolve an incident?

Yes, to manage an incident from HipChat, a user must have an active PagerDuty account. The user must also be signed in, which can be done via the Sidebar view of an incident. Users who do not yet have a PagerDuty account, or who are not signed in, will receive an error message if they attempt to acknowledge or resolve an incident via HipChat.

How do I disconnect a PagerDuty service from a HipChat room or connect a new PagerDuty service to a HipChat room?

Within PagerDuty go to the Extensions menu under Configuration and click on the Edit button next to HipChat. From this menu you can add PagerDuty services to HipChat rooms through the process outlined above or you can disconnect PagerDuty services from HipChat rooms using the delete button to the right of each connection.

Does this work with HipChat Server?

This integration currently only works with HipChat Cloud. Customers using HipChat Server should continue to use our Legacy HipChat to PagerDuty integration and our Legacy PagerDuty to HipChat integration.

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