InsightFinder Integration Guide

InsightFinder provides smart monitoring and predictive analytics services based on cutting-edge machine learning technologies, making performance debugging in production environments easy and practical without requiring any customer code modification or instrumentation.

In InsightFinder

    1. From the InsightFinder dashboard, select Alert Settings and then choose PagerDuty Integration.
    2. Click the Alert with PagerDuty button.
    3. Log in to your PagerDuty account. If you normally log in to PagerDuty using a Single Sign-on provider, you will need to do so here, as well.
    4. If you currently have no InsightFinder services on your PagerDuty account, you will be prompted to create a new service by choosing a name and escalation policy. If you do have an existing InsightFinder service on PagerDuty, you’ll be able to either select that service or create a new one.
    5. You’ll now see your PagerDuty subdomain and the Integration Key of your linked PagerDuty service listed under Current external services.

Triggering incidents

When anomalies are detected that exceed the thresholds you’ve established in InsightFinder, a PagerDuty incident will be triggered.


The incident details will include some general information about the anomalies in question.


Will InsightFinder resolve PagerDuty incidents when the monitored projects go back below the alerting threshold?

At this time, InsightFinder will not resolve PagerDuty incidents.

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