LogDNA Integration Guide

LogDNA is a tool that monitors logs, views live logs and intelligently picks out anomalies to help you you identify issues as soon as possible.

In LogDNA:

  1. In LogDNA, open up the view that you would like to associate with a service in PagerDuty.

  2. Locate the view in the top menu and click on the arrow icon to expand the dropdown menu. Then, select Attach an Alert.


  3. Select Create an alert specific to this view… from the dropdown and then click on the PagerDuty icon.

  4. Specify the number of matching lines as well as the specific time period to define your alert. Then, select a PagerDuty service from the dropdown or click Add PagerDuty Service if your service does not already appear in the dropdown.

    Note: services will only show up in the dropdown if they’ve been previously configured to an alert in LogDNA.

  5. A new window will pop up. Enter in the credentials that you use to access your PagerDuty account and click the Authorize Integration button.

  6. If you’ve already set up a LogDNA integration on an existing PagerDuty service, select the radio button next to use an integration on an existing service and select your service from the dropdown.

    Otherwise, select the radio button next to create a new service with an integration for LogDNA, name your new service and associate it with an escalation policy. Click Finish Integration.


  7. Be sure that your PagerDuty service and integration are selected from the PagerDuty Service dropdown and click the Save button.



Can I integrate LogDNA with multiple PagerDuty services?

Yes, you can link each unique view in LogDNA to a PagerDuty service. You can even integrate your LogDNA views to services in different PagerDuty accounts.

Can I integrate multiple views in LogDNA to the same service in PagerDuty?

Yes, you can integrate multiple views in LogDNA to a single PagerDuty service.

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