RigD Integration Guide

RigD gives you complete control over your PagerDuty incidents so you can quickly route, remediate, and resolve them. When the going gets tough RigD makes it easy to assemble the team and collaboratively troubleshoot an incident. And we’ll keep an eye out for patterns in your troubleshooting to help resolve future incidents even faster.

Pass the Pager to RigD

Connecting PagerDuty to RigD is super simple. You’ll need your PagerDuty API Key, if you need help finding that here is a link to the PagerDuty docs Generate a PagerDuty API Key. Now just ask RigD to add rigd tool. Then choose PagerDuty and click on the button that appears. The dialog helps ensure no sensitive info is posted to the channel history.

Give your tool integration a name and description, and add the pagerduty token. RigD always limits tool access to the creator, so if you want others to be able to work with PagerDuty incidents in Slack you will want to change the Permission Scope to Controlled or Entire Workspace.

Just hit Add PagerDuty and you are good to go!

Now Cut through the Noise

With three simple actions you will have your incidents feeding into just the right place in Slack.

In the RigD app on Slack –

  1. Use command create pagerduty feed to add a PagerDuty Service to RigD
  2. Use command attach pagerduty feed to deliver incident messages from a feed to a channel
  3. Use command filter pagerduty feed to include or exclude incident messages from the channel based on a query

Once you add a feed to RigD, incident messages will also automatically be routed to the assigned users when RigD can match the the PagerDuty user to a Slack user.

When you need to call on the team for help with an incident, RigD can open a group chat and capture the troubleshooting and resolution. This substantially drives down Mean Time to Identification and Resolution. Just tell RigD you want to work pagerduty incident. When you’re done RigD will process the data to aid future troubleshooting. You can edit or view these digests: try get pagerduty digest.

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