Sysdig Cloud Integration Guide

Sysdig Cloud is a monitoring and troubleshooting solution, that captures, correlates, and visualizes data from every layer of infrastructure. In addition to email and SNS notifications for your alerts in Sysdig, you can also choose to be notified via your existing PagerDuty account by enabling the PagerDuty option in the Notifications tab.

In Sysdig Cloud

1. Login to your Sysdig Cloud account at and click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner to go to the Settings > Notifications tab. Click the green ‘PD Alert with PagerDuty‘ button to bring you to the integration page.


2. At the PagerDuty integration page you will enter your PagerDuty email and password and click the “Authorize Integration” button:


3. You will then be prompted to choose an existing Service or setup a new Service name for Sysdig Cloud notifications. Make your selection, choose the Escalation Policy for the service, and click “Finish Integration“:


4. Once integration is authorized you will be brought back to the Sysdig Cloud Notifications tab where you can confirm your PagerDuty account, Service Name and Service Key. Review your settings and click Save:


5. At this point, the integration is turned on and you will begin to receive notifications via PagerDuty as they are forwarded from Sysdig Cloud.

Trigger an Incident through Sysdig Cloud to PagerDuty:

1. In Sysdig Cloud, navigate to Alerting, then Configure Alerts. At the bottom click Add Alert:


2. Configure the alert to whatever specifications you desire. The metric you set will determine what action needs to be taken in order for you to be alerted. Select the Report to PagerDuty option, and click Create.



3. Now once your metric is met, the Incident will trigger in Sysdig Cloud, will then get pushed to Trigger a new Incident in your PagerDuty account, and send alerts via the Service and Escalation Policy you have set up in the previous steps.


How do I setup Sysdig Cloud to work with multiple PagerDuty services?

This is easy to do with the current integration. Simply repeat the steps for the PagerDuty configuration, only select a different PagerDuty service and point.

Will resolving incidents in Sysdig Cloud automatically resolve the corresponding incident in PagerDuty?

No, resolutions will not carry over to PagerDuty in this integration.

I triggered an alert in Sysdig Cloud, but it wasn’t sent to PagerDuty. Why?

Make sure that in your alert settings, you selected the option to “Report to PagerDuty”. It is not automatically set.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our support team at