ThousandEyes Integration Guide

ThousandEyes provides IT performance management for the cloud era. The company’s solution provides detailed visibility beyond the corporate network perimeter, identifies the root cause of performance problems with cloud applications and enables distributed collaboration to resolve problems quickly.

Note: At this time, the integration is only able to send ThousandEyes Alerts directly to a PagerDuty service.


In PagerDuty:

This integration requires an Admin role or higher to configure.

In ThousandEyes:

1. Go to “Settings”, then select “Alert Rules” and open the rule you wish to link to PagerDuty then click the “Notifications” tab, then enter your email that you wish to receive notifications from, then click on “Edit Services” the PagerDuty section:

2. This will take you to the “Edit PagerDuty Service” menu, then click “Add New PagerDuty Service”.

3. This will take you to an authorization page on the PagerDuty site, which will request your username and password for PagerDuty, then click “Authorize Integration”.

4. After you authenticate select “Create a new ThousandEyes service”. Under “Service name”, enter the Service name of your choosing (note: This will be the service name that is created in your PagerDuty account). Use the drop down menu under “Escalation policy” to choose the escalation policy you wish this service to be tied to in PagerDuty, then select “Finish Integration”.

5.  You’re done, and alerts triggering on the basis of this alert rule will be routed to PagerDuty

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