A Better Way to Monitor Your API's and Site Click Flows

Checkly is the easiest way to monitor your API and browser click flows from a single dashboard. We run your checks from multiple global datacenters and alert you when things go south with SMS, Pagerduty etc. Add team mates, call checks from your CI/CD pipeline and publish a status page under a custom domain. Oh, and we also do SSL expiry checks!

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No More Broken API's

Make sure your API endpoints are always responding quickly and with the correct payload. Get started quickly with our Swagger or cURL importer and super easy API check creator.  Run your checks from up to 8 locations, as often as once every minute. And we'll also check if your SSL certificate is about to expire.

No More Broken Shopping Carts

Validate your most crucial business transactions like logins, shopping carts and onboardings flows. Take screenshots to get instant insights into what's working and what's not.  Scripting browser click flows used to suck. Not anymore. Checkly uses a Google's Puppeteer framework to run your flows in a Chrome browser. Tweak your script from your local machine or start with one of our examples.

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Integration Features

Pagerduty integration available on all plans

Setup in under a minute

Receive all check alerts and recoveries in your Pagerduty account

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