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Scale Your Robotics Operations Efficiently with PagerDuty & Formant

Prevent, detect, and resolve incidents before your customers even know it! Maintain your robot’s peak autonomous performance and stability, while keeping your robot compliant and secure. Detect and generate alerts for events that require human intervention with our real-time on-call and incident management solution with PagerDuty. Accelerate investigation by quickly zooming in on the root cause and respond by running commands or beaming into the robot in real-time.

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Benefits of Formant and PagerDuty Integration

Learn More About Formant

Formant is a data and workflow platform that allows RaaS companies to observe, operate and analyze their fleet of robots remotely. Our customers create operational interfaces, and workflows to manage their robotics businesses. A critical part of their workflow is to detect & generate alerts for events that require human intervention. We have partnered with PagerDuty to provide our customers with the most advanced, real-time on-call and incident response system


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